Orthodontic For Adult Treatment in Irvine & Orange CA

Irvine orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age, and adults especially appreciate the benefits of a beautiful smile. One of every five patients in orthodontic treatment is over 21. Jaw surgery is more often required for adult orthodontic patients because their jaws are not growing.

Adult Orthodontic Treatment in Irvine

Adults also may have experienced some breakdown or loss of their teeth and bone that supports the teeth and may require periodontal treatment before, during, and/or after orthodontic treatment. Bone loss can also limit the amount and direction of tooth movement that is advisable.

Hong Orthodontics Provides the Following  Ortho Treatment in Irvine & Orange CA


What is adult orthodontics?

Adult orthodontics in Irvine is a branch of dentistry that deals with the correction of malaligned teeth and jaws in adults.

Is there an age limit for adult orthodontics?

Age limits for adult orthodontics vary depending on the treatment. Invisalign is often recommended for adults of all ages, while metal braces are usually recommended for children and adolescents.

What types of adult orthodontics do you offer?

We offer many different adult orthodontic treatments in Orange, the best thing to do before choosing your treatment device is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Justin Hong.

Do orthodontics work the same for adults as children?

The process of orthodontics is the same for adults as it is for children, but the results may not be as effective for adults. Adults have bones that are no longer growing, so the teeth may not be able to move as easily.

Why is visiting adult orthodontics so important?

Visiting adult orthodontics is so important because it can help ensure that your teeth are healthy and aligned correctly. This can help you avoid problems with your teeth and jaw in the future.

What should I look for when choosing the right adult orthodontics for me?

There are a few things you should consider when choosing the right adult orthodontics for you. First, you should consider your budget and what you can afford to pay for treatment. Second, you should consult with an orthodontist to see what options are available to you and to find out which type of treatment would be best for your individual needs. Finally, you should research the different types of braces and other adult orthodontic treatments to make sure you are choosing the right one for you.

How much will adult orthodontic treatment cost?

The cost of adult orthodontic treatment varies depending on the severity of the misalignment and the type of treatment that is required. In general, treatment can range from $3,000 to $6,000.