Dr. Justin Hong

We want you to know that the best orthodontist Orange has available will focus on delivering age-appropriate care for any patients coming in, which is why Dr. Justin Hong wants parents to know they can count on our team to help their kids enjoy healthy and ideal dental development.

Dr. Hong and his team at Hong Orthodontics focus on helping younger patients aged 7 and up to develop trust and find value in proper orthodontic care and oral health. This is not always easy, but that’s the challenge we love. We want entire families to have all the help they require from us when it comes to their orthodontic care.

Early Orthodontic Treatment in Orange, CA

Good care takes into consideration the patient’s age. The same is true for orthodontics. You should never settle for a service that looks at your kid and simply tries to adapt blanket treatments that work with adults to their dental structures. The timeline is unique, and the opportunities are much more varied when we help younger kids undergo early orthodontics.

Don’t worry, though; the fact that your kid goes to an Orange orthodontist for an initial consultation doesn’t mean they’ll require getting braces installed right away. Early orthodontics, otherwise known as Phase I orthodontics, is about identifying developing problems, preparing for them, and acting when the time is right.

Make sure you get in touch with our office and set your kid’s first appointment with an orthodontist by the time they’re age 7 or older. We’ll gladly help you and your family maintain good oral health and enjoy beautiful smiles.

What Can I Expect From Early Orthodontics?

Please remember you shouldn’t expect your kid to immediately require braces as soon as they walk through our doors. A big part of our work as dental alignment specialists is also to identify any enduring habits that could result in dental alignment issues.

Take, for example, the case of prolonged thumb sucking. Many parents worry their children might be hooked on this habit for too long and also fear negative side effects. You could bring your kid to the orthodontist to review how their teeth are growing in because prolonged thumb sucking can lead to dental alignment problems.

Likewise, some kids have issues with tongue thrusting or tooth grinding and an orthodontist could help you with specialized orthodontic appliances to overcome these situations and ensure your child enjoys properly dental development.

What people are saying about us


“Doctor hongs office was a great experience. They made braces a very easy and good experience, would highly recommend.”

- Anthony Laguna


“Excellent service and I love my results. Waited a long time to fix my smile but I’m glad I got them fixed here. I started my treatment in late 2019 and I got my braces removed on April 2022. Faster than I expected. Thank you Dr. Hong!”

- Abigail Damazo


“Dr. Hong is incredible. He listens to my concerns and addresses them with understanding and genuine concerns for my needs. I would highly recommend Dr Hong to anyone.”

- Linda Perez