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At Hong Orthodontics, we combine the cutting-edge technology you expect with the family-oriented atmosphere you desire and deserve. Dr. Justin Hong, your trusted Irvine orthodontist, and our friendly team want to make your smile shine with confidence and ensure you receive the highest quality orthodontic care available in the Irvine and Orange, CA areas!


Meet Dr. Justin Hong, the Best Orthodontist in Irvine, CA.

You can trust that when you come to our office, you’ll find a board-certified orthodontist to develop the treatment plan you require. Dr. Hong is a dedicated specialist who will tailor your treatment to your goals and unique circumstances.

Dr. Hong offers the most innovative treatment solutions for adults, teenagers, and young children by combining the fun and caring atmosphere you expect from skilled and experienced professionals.

Alongside a highly-qualified team, Dr. Hong puts at your disposal state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to help create beautiful, healthy, and perfectly aligned smiles that will last a lifetime. Click below to learn more about Dr. Hong’s family and education.

Treatment for Children

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends you take your kids to the orthodontist by age 7. We’re not planning on installing braces or removing teeth right then and there, but an early start with a two-phase orthodontic treatment can spot developing problems and correct them with ease as your kids’ teeth and jaws are still growing.

Orthodontics for Teenagers

In most cases, teenagers start their treatment around this time because they want to ensure their permanent teeth are well aligned, and their parents know this is the best time to do so. Teenagers’ bones are still growing during their early teens, so any adjustments made by braces or clear aligners seed faster and require less force and time. Sure enough, this might change from one patient to another, but your teenage years are the best time to start your orthodontic journey.

Adult Orthodontics

Fortunately, there is no age limit to start your orthodontic treatment. Adults can start their treatment whenever they so desire; just make sure you don’t have any lingering effects from gum disease or tooth decay that might complicate your orthodontic treatment. In any case, you shouldn’t hold back and come for a consultation with your orthodontist to determine what you need to do to start your journey towards a beautiful and healthy smile.

How Does Orthodontic Treatment in Irvine Work?

Funny you should ask. The main principle behind orthodontics is to safely and gradually move your teeth and jaws until we reach an ideal relationship between all your orofacial structures that ensures proper function and oral health.

That’s a lot of fancy words to say that we push your teeth to a new position to correct bad bites and help your dental health situation.

To that end, skilled orthodontists, such as Dr. Hong, use appliances that safely apply force over your teeth in precise directions to shift your teeth and achieve your dream smile. Traditional metal braces work wonders, and newer methods, such as Invisalign clear aligner trays, solve most cases of orthodontic problems with the added bonus of being nearly invisible to the naked eye.

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Why Choose Hong Orthodontics

Hong Orthodontics is proud to provide all our patients in Irvine and Orange, CA, with the most advanced orthodontic treatment options. Patients of all ages can choose from traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces, and Invisalign clear aligner trays.

We are also an Invisalign® and Invisalign® Teen™ Preferred Provider, so you can trust Dr. Hong to have all the experience required to leverage this amazing technology to help you achieve outstanding results. It’s not just about the tools we use; it’s also about having the knowledge and experience required to get you safely to results that will leave you smiling.

When it comes to your experience with orthodontic care, it’s all about the little details. We know your circumstances and goals are unique, and we plan to lead you to unique and positive results and a smile to match. We carefully tailor and customize treatment plans to your individual needs. Likewise, we understand that you have a life outside our office, and we always do our best to keep your appointment on time – your time is valuable too!


Let your smile shine

What people are saying about us


“It was so amazing. My teeth look great, not like before 🙂 Dr. Hong was so nice and all the staff specially to mr. Jaime . They are so friendly and very kind. And the place was so nice and clean! I will recommend this 100%. Thank you so much. Now I have confidence to smile now!”

- Luis Gregord


“Just got my braces removed today. Could not be happier with the result. Dr. Hong and his staff are excellent. Always willing to spend time answering your questions or helping you with maintaining your teeth. They even remove your wire and put it back on for you when you schedule dental cleanings. Thank you so much!”

- Christopher Krantz


“My brother and I both got our braces off at Hong Orthodontics about a year ago. We are really happy with my results, and our teeth still look good. My parents feel like they made the right decision in choosing Dr. Hong. He is a very nice person, talented at what he does, and is fair with his pricing. His office is very clean, and all his staff are also very nice, especially the ladies at the front desk. We never had to wait more than five minutes to be seen by the doctor. I would recommend Hong Orthodontics to anyone who may be on the fence deciding what orthodontic office to choose.”

- Caroline Grace Kim


“Dr. Hong has done an incredible job with both my son and daughter. He was very detailed and showed a lot of patience when explaining any new procedures that he was doing. My kids have great smiles now and I was very happy with the price and the final outcome once the braces came off. I would highly recommend Dr. Hong to anyone who is looking for Orthodontist work.”

- Eli Serrato