Invisalign® allows you to feel that way throughout the entire treatment process. Even though the results would be the same with either process, you’re just not comfortable with the thought of looking like you’re back in junior high! Adults need a subtle remedy and Invisalign® aligners provide the best of both worlds – virtually invisible when you’re wearing them and removable when you need them to be. For these reasons, Invisalign® could be the perfect solution for you! As you learn more about our treatment process, you’ll discover that Invisalign® has the flexibility and convenience to fit just about every aspect of your life.

Often adults feel that teeth-straightening is too much trouble, too embarrassing, or too disruptive. While doing nothing may seem to be the easy choice, making the decision to get Invisalign® treatment could benefit you in many ways:

  • Straight teeth and a beautiful smile in a reasonable amount of time
  • No feelings of self-consciousness during treatment with the nearly invisible aligners
  • Minimal impact on your busy schedule

While many adults look at straightening their teeth for cosmetic reasons, it’s important to know that straighter teeth and a proper bite can be beneficial to your overall periodontal health. Whether you choose Invisalign® or another form of treatment, we recommend you read our section on health benefits. You’ll realize that a perfect smile extends far beyond good looks.

Investing in yourself, particularly where your health is concerned, is an important proposition. However, if you’re like most of us, you’re already balancing a number of financial obligations in your life. There are many ways to make the cost of Invisalign® more affordable through insurance, flexible spending accounts, Care Credit, and in house payment plans that we offer at our office.