We’re so glad we can welcome you to our team and show you what we do. Taking care of so many patients from Orange, CA, is not always easy, but it’s definitely a great part of our day. Orange Orthodontics is what we do best, and we put in a lot of work to let your smile shine.

Dr. Justin Hong

Our specialist, Dr. Justin Hong, and the rest of the team at Hong Orthodontics Orange want to help you zero in on the best treatment plan that will fit your needs and unique circumstances. Most people don’t know this, but straightening your teeth is not the hardest part of your Orange Orthodontist treatment.

Making sure that we do so safely, efficiently, and in a way that leaves you happy at the end of your treatment is the challenge we rise above time and time again.

Patients of all ages have a variety of treatment options to choose from, so you can expect Dr. Hong to use all his knowledge and leverage his use of cutting-edge technology to help you achieve your dream smile.

We have the tools and know-how to get you the smile you deserve.

  • Digital Technology.  Advanced imaging that uses up to 70% less radiation protects you and the environment while improving treatment accuracy.
  • In-office Records. You won’t have to go anywhere else for X-rays and other resources. Instead, you’ll have everything you need in one single place.
  • Personalized Care. Dr. Hong ensures that each patient receives one-on-one guidance. Come to the office with all your questions, and we will gladly answer them.
  • State-of-the-Art Brackets & Wires. We make sure our patients only receive treatment with the highest-quality materials and appliances.
  • Easy Scheduling. We understand you have a busy schedule, which is why you can schedule afternoon appointments with us.

Best Orthodontist Orange CA

How can we go on about offering you the best without saying what that includes? Orthodontist Orange relies on various types of appliances to ensure that you get the results you want.

Traditional Metal Braces Braces Irvine

Types Of  Braces Orange

We would never look over the basics, which is why you should give us a call and ask about traditional metal braces and clear ceramic braces in Orange. These are tried-and-true appliances that get you the results you expect. What’s even better, technological advancements have left braces as the most comfortable and durable they’ve ever been.


Invisalign Clear Aligners Irvine

Invisalign Clear Aligners Orange

We go one step beyond and provide our patients with the most innovative solutions available nowadays in orthodontics Orange. These non-BPA plastic trays are perfect for teenagers and adults who want to fix their bad bites but would also avoid attracting unwanted attention to their smiles during treatment. Make sure you ask our team if this is the right solution for you!


Two-Phase Treatment Irvine 

Two-Phase Treatment Orange

We want parents to know they can bring their teenagers and children for the highest-quality care in orthodontics. Our team knows how important it is to guide and achieve proper dental development during anyone’s teenage years. We can help your kid spend as little time as possible with their Orange orthodontic treatment the sooner we start. Get in touch with our office to learn more.


What people are saying about us


“Doctor hongs office was a great experience. They made braces a very easy and good experience, would highly recommend.”

- Anthony Laguna


“Excellent service and I love my results. Waited a long time to fix my smile but I’m glad I got them fixed here. I started my treatment in late 2019 and I got my braces removed on April 2022. Faster than I expected. Thank you Dr. Hong!”

- Abigail Damazo


“Dr. Hong is incredible. He listens to my concerns and addresses them with understanding and genuine concerns for my needs. I would highly recommend Dr Hong to anyone.”

- Linda Perez