Not all that long ago, there was just one type of braces: traditional metal braces. At the time, we didn’t even call them traditional metal braces—they were just braces. But now, Orange and Irvine braces patients have so many options for treatment. Not only does this give the patient a certain amount of choice, but it also allows us to offer better, more customized treatment. Below are the types of braces we offer.

Metal Braces

We might as well start with the type of braces that started it all: traditional metal braces. These braces are the classic option and are still the most common type of braces used. However, they are nothing like they once were; now, they are more effective and more comfortable. Made from high-grade stainless steel, these are a great option, and allow you to personalize their look. If we determine that these braces are the best option for you, do not feel afraid; the negative things you have heard are part of the past.

Ceramic Braces

While traditional metal braces are highly effective, they are also highly visible. Many of our Irvine and Orange braces patients want alternatives that are not so obvious to the people around them. Ceramic braces are one such alternative. These braces use clear or tooth-colored materials for the brackets, allowing them to blend in with the teeth. However, they are more fragile than metal, and as a result, we do not offer them to everyone. Older teens and adults who do not play contact sports or musical instruments are candidates for ceramic braces. We also do not often use them on the lower teeth as the brackets can chip when the mouth is closed.

Invisible (Clear) Orthodontic Appliances

When people talk about clear braces, they are usually talking about Invisalign®. However, Invisalign® isn’t braces at all; rather, it is a braces alternative. Using clear aligners, Invisalign® moves your teeth into their ideal position. And because it is clear and fits flush against the teeth, no one will know that you are wearing the aligners. Because they are removeable, we only use this treatment option with patients who feel comfortable with the responsibility.

Which option is right for you? We won’t know that until we see you in person. Give us a call at Hong Orthodontics to schedule your initial consultation. We hope to soon have you as one of our Tustin braces patients.