Complete Guide to Solve Orthodontic Emergencies in Irvine, CA

You can handle orthodontic emergencies with the help of a professional

Orthodontics is a field of medical science that has taken significant steps in its evolution in the last century. With the help of digital technologies, the world has seen a revolution of new treatments that are faster and easier for patients.

Clear aligners are proof of that. And before invisible straighteners came clear ceramic braces and lingual braces, all of them searching for a friendlier alternative to the problem of orthodontic appliances being too big and weird-looking.

Cartoons were even made on this subject because it was a real issue for orthodontic patients with metal braces, especially teenagers, who are the biggest target of traditional braces.

But the looks were not the only problem dental patients were having with orthodontics. Treatments used to be much more painful and uncomfortable. Thanks to all the research and technology, dental treatments are not like that anymore.

Braces can be fun to wear since nowadays you can mix-match the colors and shapes of the rubber bands. And if you like them less obvious, you can have clear ceramic braces or invisible aligners.

Pain and food restrictions? Reduced to the minimum. If you are an orthodontic patient, whether you wear braces or Invisalign, you should know what to do in case of any orthodontic emergency.

What Is an Orthodontic Emergency?

You can have a few orthodontic issues or dental emergencies that deserve your worry. This means emergencies where you have to visit the ER or your dental office immediately. Let us list some.


Bleeding from your mouth always indicates problems. Depending on how much blood and where it comes from, you should be your concern level. Of course, if you have just gotten a tongue piercing, it is normal to have a little blood.

However, head to the nearest ER if you hurt yourself and have major trauma while practicing a sport or by accident and hit your teeth and have heavy bleeding and severe pain.

If the injury is caused by your brackets, like a cut on your lips, gums, or tongue, you can solve the problem with stitches and counter pain relievers.

Cracked Tooth

If you cracked or chipped a tooth, call your orthodontist and set an emergency meeting so they can analyze the extent of the problem and how to proceed. This type of damage is easily fixed with dental implants.

Deep Cuts

Sometimes, due to a hit or other factors, brackets and wires can hurt your gums or lips and cause ulcerations and even cuts. If the contact between your orthodontic appliance and your mouth is hurting to the extent of causing little wounds you should make a call to your dental office.

In this case, perhaps you will need medication to ease the pain and stop any infections. But what you are going to need for sure is indications to solve the problem without quitting your treatment plan.

What Are Minor Orthodontic Emergencies?

Minor orthodontic emergencies are very common and can occur for no specific cause. They are just part of the whole process of being under orthodontic treatment.

This type of emergency can be dealt with at home with regular tools you can find inside your house. You’ll be fine with just a little wax and a pencil eraser.

How to Fix a Loose Wire on My Braces?

If there is one issue every orthodontic patient has had, this is it. A loose wire or a poking wire happens to everyone once in a while. After all, wearing braces is a matter of years; a lot can happen in that period of time.

For this and many other purposes, your orthodontist will provide you with a tube of dental wax to put on those pointy ends or to cover a bracket that is particularly rubbing your mouth.

But it’s possible that its wire is too pointy, and the wax might not be enough. In cases like these, you have two alternatives.

  • To twist or bend the wire in a different position: you can try this with your finger or with a pencil eraser. You sterilize the pencil eraser, and then you will be able to push the wire gently so it doesn’t poke your mouth. Don’t know how to cut the excess wire that’s causing the problem? Nail clippers are the best option at home. Sterilize and make a clean cut near the bracket.

What to Do if I Have Fallen Braces?

Losing a bracket may seem like a big deal if you don’t take proper care of your braces. This does not have to be necessarily true since brackets can fall off your teeth just because. Again, you are probably going to wear them for 2 to 4 years, so it’s normal if the bonding agent wears off and you get a loose bracket.

Just put the bracket in a safe place and bring it to your next appointment at the orthodontist’s office. To prevent this from constantly happening, please avoid sticky foods or hard foods like corncobs and candy.

What Are Invisalign Emergencies?

For a patient of Invisalign treatment, there is not much to worry about. Emergencies related to a piece of your orthodontic appliance hurting your mouth are extremely unlike.

What can happen, and happens a lot, is to lose one of your molds or trays. Since Invisalign straighteners are removable appliances and you should take them out every time you eat, it is not that hard to lose them; they are transparent and thin.

Contact your orthodontist and let them know about the problem so they can print new ones for you. In the meantime, you can wear your last ones to prevent teeth movement.

Emergency Orthodontist in Irvine, California

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